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Take Control Over Your Data and Increase Revenue with Smarter Marketing

Make sense of all that data, improve campaign performance, and show marketing’s true Impact on revenue with Xoobo’s suite of marketing intelligence and analytics services.

Our Approach

We believe marketing intelligence is the backbone of a campaign (no stone should be left unturned). Today’s technology gives marketers the ability to track nearly all aspects of their campaign, target demographic, website user behavior, sales follow up, and post sales support. For some companies, this amounts to millions of data points corresponding to billions of dollars in revenue; this is what professionals call “Big Data”. But how do you join all that data together, aggregate it, and pull actionable insights from it?

To make matters worse, marketing analytics is becoming increasingly difficult, and requires mathematically savvy and sophisticated marketers. Unfortunately, it is likely that your competition is doing it, and that’s why you need to as well.

At Xoobo, big data is our specialty. We have been called Excel Gurus, Data Czars, Data Scientists, and other appellations. We have a history of performing data wizardry and are not shy about it. We can help you with your marketing analytics and big data needs.

Tighten All Aspects of Your Data

Marketing Automation, CRM, and Web Analytics Set Up

The foundation of all marketing analytics is the ability to collect raw data from your website. Xoobo can properly set up all aspects of your analytics technology. Whether it's web analytics (i.e. Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, etc), marketing automation (i.e. Hubspot, Eloqua, etc), or CRM (i.e. SaleForce, Netsuite, etc), we've got you covered. We will ensure that your systems are accurately capturing data, and are talking to each other.

Set Your Attribution Model

Give weight to the chronology of marketing interactions along a customer’s journey, or the types of interactions. Know marketing’s overall impact on business revenue, and more importantly, know each marketing campaign’s impact on revenue.

Build Your Data Warehouse

We can build your server space from scratch, integrate it with all of your platforms via APIs, and then store all of that data in the form of tables. Those tables can then either be exported or connected to any business intelligence tool (such as Tableau, Microsoft Access, etc) for reporting purposes.

Centralize Your Marketing Reports

Join your data sources and combine multiple sets of data into a single file or repository of raw data (this can be done via data warehousing as mentioned above or even offline spreadsheets). The data can come from various web analytics platforms (such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, Ads, Omniture, etc), marketing automation systems (such as Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, etc), or customer relationship management systems or CRMs (such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Sugar CRM, etc).

Optimize Your ETL Process (Extract, Transform, & Load)

It can be cumbersome to have to constantly download and upload your data for reporting purposes. We can take the pain out of that whole process by doing it for you. We can also optimize and refine the process so that there are less moving parts which in turn saves time to update your data. In some cases, it is possible to automate the entire process so that your data is being updated without any manual intervention.

Customize Real-Time Dashboards & Reports

We take all of your raw data and use a BI tool such as Tableau or Microsoft Excel/Powerpivot/Access to aggregate into easily understandable dashboards containing metrics & KPIs, charts, and other visualizations. These reports can be exported as offline files or be published to your server to give you real-time reporting.

Mine Actionable Insights

Anyone can centralize and aggregate raw data. But it takes a true wizard to mine actionable insights from it. This is an important piece of the puzzle; once you have the data, how do you take advantage of it? Xoobo will make sense of all the data to give you action items that will allow your team to increase campaign output, scale, lower costs, and increase revenue and return on investment.

Our Process

Scope Requirements

Identify your specific needs and requirements. Set a plan in place to address those needs.


Launch Platforms

Set up and tweak the necessary systems that will track data.


Install Scripts

Most platforms require scripts to be placed on websites or integrations to be set between systems. We will integrate all platforms with each other and with your website.


Build Server Space

Set up a new server space that will house data from the various platforms in the form of tables (server/platform integration is done via APIs).


Aggregate Data

Crunch all the new raw data located on server tables (using a business intelligence tool like Tableau or Microsoft Access) into metrics and KPIs on custom-built dashboards containing charts, graphs, and other visualizations.



Upload aggregate data onto a separate schema on the server space. Data is then accessible via a URL, and updates in real-time.


Mine & Report Actionable Insights

Understand and interpret the data in such a way that marketing campaigns can then be guided, tweaked, scaled, or otherwise updated to increase revenue and return on investment.


Marketing Analytics Services

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Attribution Modeling

Data Warehousing

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KPI Reporting & Dashboard Customization

ETL Process Execution & Optimization

Our Data Scientists Can Administer Any of the Following Tools

Take Control Over Your Data and Increase Revenue with Smarter Marketing