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Hi, We Are Xoobo, Pleased to Meet You.

Xoobo is an Industry Leading Digital Advertising Agency Headquartered in Our Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C.

About the Company

At Xoobo, we understand that online marketing is more than just an art, it is an exact science. We are obsessed with generating revenue for our clients. Our goal is to grow businesses and relationships. For every campaign we run, the bottom line is ROI and scalability.

The Xoobo brand was first founded in 2015 by two marketing experts and pioneers that were mutually frustrated by the lack-luster results driven by so-called “marketing agencies”. After leading in-house marketing teams in various organizations, Zee Ahmed and Ata Khan quickly realized that the space was underserved and felt that someone needed to step in, bring clarity to the field, and provide services that truly made a positive impact on businesses. They partnered up, and as a result, Xoobo was born.

Together, Zee and Ata have a combined experience of 20 years in the field of digital marketing. Armed with hands on expertise spanning the full gamut of online marketing solutions (everything from web design, to big data, to SEO, PPC, and more) they have been making waves in the industry, steadily building Xoobo’s client portfolio, and are ratcheting up what it means to be a marketing agency in today’s technology driven age.

Our Mission

Gone are the days where a little creativity, design savvy, and wordsmithing was enough to power a strong online marketing campaign. In today’s volatile landscape it’s not just about being creative or having branding expertise. If a business wants to be competitive and generate ROI from marketing campaigns, not only do they have to be creative, but their team has to be tech savvy, mathematically inclined, and comfortable with experimentation.

Our mission is to empower businesses with the expertise and world-class services they need to generate revenue from their marketing efforts.

Our True North

Our clients are the most important part of our business, and we truly believe that your success equates to our own success. At Xoobo, our true north is growing businesses and scaling partnerships through the successful implementation of cutting edge digital marketing campaigns.

We Are

  • XENIAL: We do everything within our power to ensure client satisfaction and grow professional relationships.
  • OVERACHIEVERS: We have the expertise and dedication, and will stop at nothing to achieve your marketing goals.
  • OPEN: We will always be transparent, explain our strategies, and provide detailed KPI reports, comprised of success metrics that cover campaign performance.
  • BALANCED: Our team is comprised of data scientists, web designers, programmers and developers, SEO experts, etc. Together we create a balanced unit that can be your one stop shop, and handle all facets of any marketing campaign.
  • OBSESSIVE: We are detail oriented to the point of being fanatical! But is there any other way to run a marketing campaign?

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