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By Ata Khan | November 12, 2018

At Xoobo we are on Facebook every single day!


Today we noticed at 1PM EST that Facebook was down, and at the time of writing this post, just came back (total outage time – 33 minutes). We got the ominous “Sorry something went wrong screen”.


Facebook 503 Error


But upon further inspection, it turns out that it is actually a 503 error. A 503 error typically eludes to a server being down (in most cased due to overload). Whether this is because of a hack or a dev patch gone wrong remains to be seen.


If you look at the Down Detector website, you can get a heatmap of the impacted locations, and it seems like the central east coast (basically where Xoobo is headquartered) does appear to be down.


Facebook outage map


Regardless, we hope the platform comes back up soon (since our clients love it).  Cheers!

Ata Khan

Ata Khan

As President and Chief Operating Officer at Xoobo, Ata calls on more than 10 years of hands on marketing experience to guide the organization across the digital landscape. He works to ensure the integrity of the business' vision and introduce its unique service offering to the market.

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